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Saturday, 20 August 2011

UK Women Butchered In Turkey

Two UK women butchered in Turkey were lured to their deaths with the promise of a shopping trip in a bustling city.

Kathy Dinsmore and Marion Graham, both 54, were stabbed by 17-year-old waiter Recep Cetin who was furious Marion had refused to allow him to marry her schoolgirl daughter Shannon.

He cut their throats and dumped their bodies in a forest. The killer is said to have picked up the pair in a taxi from their villa in the resort of Kusadasi and taken them to his father’s home in the city of Izmir 60 miles away.

It is claimed he then drove them in his dad’s car on what they thought was going to be a shopping spree. But instead he took them to the nearby forest and murdered them.

Cetin is said to have snapped after Marion refused his pleas to wed her 15-year-old daughter and return to the UK to live with them. He had been dating the youngster for two years and ­repeatedly asked her to marry him.

Tributes last night flooded in for Kathy and Marion, who had been sharing a rented home in the Korulkent housing development at Ladies Beach with Shannon and Cetin.

Neighbour Brian Hyland said: “Marion was a lovely pleasant woman and this is just horrendous news. She seemed like a real gentle soul who kept to herself.

“Everyone around here is totally shocked to hear what happened.

“Ask anybody who knows Marion, they would say this is the last thing on earth they ever thought would happen to her.” But another neighbour claimed furious ­arguments and shouting were often heard coming from the house.

The resident added: “They were different. They weren’t like the rest of us. There was a lot of fighting in the house, a lot of shouting, a lot of noise.

“He seemed quite volatile. It’s a quiet residential area normally.”

Another neighbour said: “To be honest we kept clear of the boy as he was loud, aggressive and very intimidating.”

Shannon was on a day-long boating trip at Kusadasi when her mum and Kathy were stabbed to death. She raised the alarm when they failed to return home on Thursday. At the same time Cetin arrived for work at a Kusadasi restaurant in a distressed state with a cut to his hand. He claimed he had suffered the injury trying to fight off kidnappers who bundled the two women into a van. They had not been reported missing from their extended holiday at this stage.

Cetin initially denied having anything to do with the women’s disappearance when quizzed by police.

But a search of his home found blood-stained clothing and when confronted with the evidence he is said to have admitted butchering the pair.

His dad and the taxi driver were quizzed but it is believed they are not connected to the horrific killings. Kathy and Marion were regular ­visitors to ­Kusadasi. Cetin’s uncle Ali Cetin claimed the teenager was angry because the pair would drink booze and flirt with Turkish men.

But both women are said to have objected to the way he treated Shannon and were trying to protect her. It is believed she fell in with a bad crowd during her summer trip and was suffering abuse at the hands of her boyfriend.

He is alleged to have hatched his plot to kill the pair after Marion again stood in his way when he asked Shannon to marry him, despite the legal age to wed in Turkey being 17.

Kathy and best friend Marion are from Newry, Co Down, in Northern Ireland.

Sources say Marion spent her summers in Turkey where she was married to a Kurdish man. The estate manager at the housing complex confirmed Cetin rented a house on the site earlier this summer and was living there with Shannon, Marion and Kathy.

The girl’s dad Raymond McGuinness, Marion’s ex, last night told how he was never in favour of his daughter’s ­relationship. He said: “There was always something that was not quite right.”


Devastated friends flocked to Facebook to speak of their shock at the murders.

Mickey Brady posted: “This is terrible news. Such tragedy should never be visited on a family. To think two families from this area will be plunged into such despair and sadness is terrible.

“I believe I met one of the victims and I can only describe her as a bubbly and friendly individual. I am terribly shocked.” Eileen Morgan Hillen added: “I went to school with one of the women and I agree with Mickey she is bubbly and will be missed terribly.”

Ivy McAleavey wrote: “Our thoughts and prayers are with their families. RIP.

“Also to the daughter of one of the women, please God, give her strength.”

Sinn Fein mayor of Newry and Mourne said: “I believe one of the deceased was a former employee of our council.

“To both families I extend my sincerest sympathies at this time. Any assistance we can offer will be given.”

South Down Member of the Legislative Assembly, Karen McDevitt, said people have been left stunned by the news.

She added: “I have a child of 15 and my heart goes out to Shannon thinking of her over in Turkey having to cope with all this. It’s unbelievable to think this has happened. The whole community is totally in shock.

“My thought and prayers are with all the families affected.”

Newry and Armagh MLA Danny Kennedy said: “I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the families at this awful time. I offer any support and assistance which they may require.”

SDLP Crotlieve Councillor Connaire McGreevy added: “For two families to deal with news of their loved ones being murdered is extremely difficult. My deepest sympathy goes out to them and to the young daughter of one of the victims that has been left behind in Turkey on her own.

“The shock within the community here in Newry and Mourne is widespread and everyone has their thoughts and prayers with the families.”

DUP MLA Jim Wells also expressed his sadness over the murders. He said: “I’ve been on holidays to this area and it’s relatively peaceful and safe. This makes it even more tragic.

“Marrying a girl with a European ­passport is like winning the lottery to some of these guys. They see it as an escape from ­sometimes abject poverty. While some of these relationships are certainly genuine I still think women should be cautious about these kind of romances where marriage is on the cards very quickly.”

Irish diplomats are liaising with the devastated families of both women.

A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin said: “We are providing consular assistance to the families of the two women, particularly the daughter, through the embassy in Ankara. Members of the family are en route to Turkey.”

Kathy and Marion were both travelling on Irish passports. More than 100 Irish residents live at the housing complex in Kusadasi where the pair had been staying before tragedy struck.

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