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Saturday, 20 August 2011

England Riots: David Cameron Returns To Rhetoric Of 'Broken Society'

Prime Minister David Cameron announces his "social fightback" with a series of cliches he has been working on for years.

Speaking at a youth centre in Witney, his Oxfordshire constituency, the Prime Minister repeatly referred to "social fightback" and mending Britain's "broken society" as he struggled to get a hold on one of the biggest crises of his premiership.

"The broken society is back at the top of my political agenda," the Prime Minister said in the speech in which he outlined measures to prevent a repeat of the country's worst riots in decades.

The Government is already under fire for its determination to press ahead with police budget cuts and its decision to recruit US ''Supercop'' William Bratton as an adviser on tackling gang culture in the UK.

In an escalating war of words with the police, one chief constable warned that David Cameron risks losing the support of the police. Three other police chiefs have also openly questioned the Prime Minister’s approach to law and order.

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