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Thursday, 15 September 2011

PMQs: Ed Miliband Lashes Chancellor Over Childcare

During Prime Minister's questions the Labour leader slipped a cheeky reference to George Osborne's alleged links to dominatrix Natalie Rowe.

Ed Miliband used his time at the Dispatch box to criticise the Government's plans to cut support for childcare at a time of rising unemployment for women. He then accused Chancellor George Osborne of "lashing himself to the mast" in his refusal to change course over the economy.

The apparently deliberate reference produced laughter from the Labour benches.

Lest anyone be in any doubt what the meant, Mr Miliband added after a pause: "not for the first time, perhaps".

On Monday, old – and strongly denied – allegations resurfaced about George Osborne's links to an escort agency charging clients for sadomasochistic sex.

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