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Friday, 9 September 2011

Jobless Households In Liverpool, Nottingham And Glasgow: One In Three

Figures show Liverpool with the highest number of workless households in five of the last seven years.

Inside a Jobcentre. Around a third of unemployed people are sick or disabled.

Almost a third of households in Liverpool, Nottingham and Glasgow were classed as workless in 2010, against one in nine in other regions, the Office for National Statistics has said. For Liverpool and Glasgow the figure fell from 32.1% and 31.1% to 31.9% and 30.7%, while for Nottingham it rose from 31.3% to 31.6%. Liverpool has had the highest number of workless households in five of the past seven years. Around a third not working in Liverpool and Glasgow were sick or disabled, the same as the national figure., while 43% of people in workless households in Nottingham gave study as their main reason, compared with 12% nationally. Areas with the fewest workless households were Oxfordshire, Surrey and Aberdeen, and north-east Moray, all around 11%. The national figure for workless households is 18.9%.

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